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With prices rising all the time it is difficult to manage a family’s monthly income effectively; there are many bills to pay, the mortgage to keep up and essentials to buy, and taking on debt is sometimes an easy move to make. If things get out of control what was a small, short term debt can become a bigger problem, and as things spiral into even deeper problems many people hide from the situation, leaving it to become unmanageable. This is when debt consolidation – a service offered by companies such as Norton Finance – may become a viable option.

Debt consolidation is a way of keeping the regular monthly repayments on collective debts as low as possible. All debts are collated together by a company such as Norton Finance and, by working out how much is owed and comparing it to the regular income of the customer and their essential outgoings, a figure is arrived at that is suitable for all. As the debts will then take longer to pay it is likely that the overall outlay will – in the long term – be greater, but the more manageable monthly sums make things easier for the individual to keep up the payments.

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With many years of expertise in the debt consolidation world Norton Loans is perfectly placed to offer a sensible solution. Norton Loans can cater for everyone, even those that have a poor credit history, for whom debt consolidation may be the best way forward. It is always best to leave such things to the experts, as they will be able to provide the help and advice you need. Simple online advice and free, no obligation quotes make the process simple, and with everything available at the touch of a button it has never been easier to arrange a debt consolidation plan.

Norton Finance can offer you everything from a simple loan to a remortgage, and have many years of experience in the field of consumer finance. The stresses and strains of a hard working life can take a toll on families and individuals alike, and where money is concerned it is all too easy to get in too deep, too quickly. With a sensible approach and the help of professional advisers finding the right debt consolidation solution could not be easier, and it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Norton Finance / Number of UK Homeowners Set to Fall


A recent report in the Guardian newspaper claimed that the UK mortgage market is ‘hardwired’ to undermine the population as a nation of homeowners. Despite a short-term boost to the housing market, research shows that by the end of the current decade only a third of young people will own and reside in their own homes. The 25-34 age bracket are the demographic who traditionally would be saving up for a deposit on their first home, yet the unavailability of mortgages coupled with increased rates and an unstable housing market has led to more and more people opting out of home ownership. The study, performed by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association, or IMLA, says that this would place figures at just over half what they were back in 1993.

New government initiatives are beginning to ease funding constraints, but the availability of low deposit mortgages continues to be a problem. Chancellor George Osborne is set to add a couple of ‘sweeteners’ to the housing market in the form of the Bank of England’s funding for lending programme and his own help to buy scheme, yet economic studies suggest that these will certainly not work over the long-term, and perhaps not have much effect in the short term either. The future of the UK housing market remains uncertain, with more and more young couples and families being quite simply priced out of the game.

Norton LoansOlder homeowners are also affected by the fluctuating economy, with many considering taking out a re-mortgage or secured loan to pay for home improvements or holidays or to consolidate debt finding it difficult to source competitive rates. Companies such as Norton Finance offer a service which includes comparing rates of hundreds of re-mortgages on behalf of the customer in order to ensure that each individual is able to take advantage of the reasonably priced deals available. By utilising the services of Norton Loans, UK homeowners are able to release some or all of the equity in their homes to fund whatever they require whilst remaining assured that they are not paying over the odds.

Norton Loans | Why Remortgage?

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Over recent years the idea of remortgaging has been marketed more and more. Choosing to remortgage can seem like a daunting decision though, as your house is the most expensive thing you will probably ever own as well as being the very roof over you and your family’s head. The most important aspect to making the right decision for you is to fully understand what remortgaging actually means because, although remortgaging might make some customers huge savings, it may not profit everyone.

A remortgage is used to replace an existing loan. With a remortgage the new deal will provide customers with easier monthly repayments and reduced rates of interest.

Interest rates are the percentage amounts that the value of a loan increases by over time. Interest is a check against inflation for lenders as well as where they make their profits.

The point of a remortgage is that the new lender will offer lower interest and repayment rates than those on your previous loan. What this means is that, once your new lender has paid off the whole value of the original mortgage, you will be left with less money to pay back in the longer term.

This means that a remortgage can be a great option for any home owner who’s unhappy with the deal on their current mortgage. If you are a customer currently struggling to keep up with high interest payments, or even if you just want to save some money in the long term, then remortgaging is a great option.

On the other hand, if you already enjoy favourable interest rates on your current mortgage, then a remortgage may not be ideal for you. Either way, it never hurts to get a quote and make sure you’re not missing out on potentially major savings.

The money made through remortgaging can then be used for whatever the customer wants. Customers can use the extra cash to make home improvements, pay off outstanding bills or even take that holiday of a lifetime they’ve always dreamed of.

For more information, Norton Finance offers a range of remortgaging services as well as a wide variety of Norton Loans. Customers can apply for a free, no obligation quote through the Norton Finance website.